‘Rational use of antibiotic prescription in Neonatal intensive care unit in tertiary care center’ CME HELD ON 10.12.2019 

‘Challenges in Catheterisation – (Cases Discussion )’ CME HELD ON 28-11-2019   

‘Early Detection of breast, carcinoma and preventive measures’ CME HELD ON 21-11-2019   

‘Thrombocytopenia and Platelet Transfusion’ CME HELD ON 14-11-2019   

‘Noise Pollution and Related Hazards in ENT’ CME HELD ON 24.10.2019   

‘Accidents and Driving’ CME HELD ON 10.10.2019   

‘Antimicrobial Stewardship Program in Indian Hospitals’ CME HELD ON 15.06.2019  

‘Computer Vision Syndrome’ CME HELD ON 13.06.2019 

‘Equator Guidelines A Health Research Reporting Toll (Dr. Sanjeev Davey)’ CME held on 23.05.2019

‘Suicide Fact and Myth (Dr. Gautam Anand)’ CME held on 16-05-19

‘Role of Eithical Committee in Medical Research (Dr. Suman Lata)’ CME held on 09-05-19

‘Tubercular Pleural Effusion’ held on 25.04.2019

‘Introduction and Interaction of Ayushman Bharat Yojana or Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana’ held on 04.04.2019

‘Infertility Treatment Options at Low Cost Including Test Tube Baby ‘ held on 18.03.2019

‘Prevention of Cervical Cancer – Recent Update & Role of Cancer Stem Cells in Cancer Cervix ‘ held on 07.03.2019

‘Renal Replacement Therapy & Special Reference to Hemo Dialysis ‘ held on 14.03.2019

‘Fats and Oils – A Sensible Choice ‘ held on Feb 2019

‘Surgical Anatomy of Facial Nerve & Management of Facial Nerve Palsy’
held on 31.01.2019

‘Preventive Measure of Various types of Cancers’ held on 29.01.19

‘Mechanism of Action, Role of Vitamin D3, Management of Vitamin D Deficiency & Toxicity’ held on 17.01.2019

NO CME’s HELD IN OCT 2018, NOV 2018, DEC 2018
‘Extra – Oral Prosthesis’ held on 27.09.2018

 ‘Evidence Based Madicine’ held on 23.08.2018

 ‘Diabetic Foot Recent Advances in Diabetes’ held on  02.08.2018

‘Pneumothorax’ held on  26.07.2018

‘Gastro Esophageal Reflex Disease’ held on  19.07.2018

 ‘Steroid Abuse in Dermatophyte Infections & its Consequences’ held on 12.07.2018

‘Diabetic Foot’ held on 05.07.2018

‘CT Scanning in Head Injury ‘ held on 28.06.2018

‘Metabolic Syndrome A Reversible Life Threatening Condition ‘ held on 21.06.2018

‘Female Genital Tuberculosis Diagnostic Dilemma’ held on 14.06.2018

‘Physiology of Shock’ held on 07.06.2018

 ‘Mechanical Ventilation’ held on 31.05.2018

‘Hospital Acquired Infections’ held on 24.05.2018

‘OCSD Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Disorders’ held on 17.05.2018

‘Consent in Medical Practice’ held on 10.05.2018

‘Ancient Heritage of Knowledge in Comparison to practices today in Orthopedics’ held on 03.05.2018

‘Recent advance in Cataract Surgery and Itraocular Lenses’ held on 26.04.2018

‘Rational Use of Blood and Blood Products’ held on 19.04.2018

‘Universal Health Coverage Concepts & Achievements’ held on 12.04.2018

‘Kids & Social Medica’ held on 05.04.2018

‘CME on T.B’ held on 29.03.2018

‘Applied Anatomy of CSF and its circulation’ held on 15.03.2018

‘Nicotine replacement Therapy’ held on 08.03.2018

‘Health & Happiness Stress-Free Professional Life’ held on 05.02.2018

‘Gestational Diabetes Day ‘ Interactive Session held on 10.03.2017

‘World Health Day ‘ held on 07.04.2017
a) Who Campaign Depression b) Management of Depression & Recent Advances c) Depression Magnitude of Problem & Current India Scenario

‘World Aids Day’ held on 01.12.2016 

‘Workshop on General Surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology, Anaesthesiology, Orthopaedics,
Radio-Diagnosis, OBG’ held on 26.03.2019

Workshop on Microbiology, Pathology, Forensic Medicine, Pharmacology, Community Medicine & General Medicine, DVL, Psychiatry, Respiratory Medicine & Paediatrics’
held on 25.03.2019

‘Workshop on Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Dental Surgery’ held on 19.03.2019

‘AFP and other Vaccine Preventable disease (W.H.O)’ held on  07.02.2019

‘Online Training held on 03.02.2017 to 04.02.2017 SPSS for Medical Professionals ‘

‘Workshop on Ultrasonography in Infertility’ held on 4.3.2017

 ‘3RD CONVOCATION’ Held on 1.03.2019

‘SPORTS SOCIETY’  Held on 29.10.2018 – 30.10.2018

‘INSOMNIA’ Held on 3. 11.2018


‘INSOMNIA’ Held on 3-.11.2017

‘Ek Saam Unke Namm’ held on 12.10.2017

‘Fresher Party’ held on  28.09.2017

‘Mata Ki Chowki’ held on  10.11.2016

‘Convocation’ held on  4.5.2015

‘Sports Day-1’ held on 09.10.17

‘Sports Day-2’ held on 10.10.17

‘Sports Day-3’ held on 11.10.17




‘IVF CAMP organised with Dr. Hrishikespai Team ‘held on 13.2.2019

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